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My paging software

This project initiated and sponsored by  Brandon Bidewell  ( Select Communication Inc. ).

Both programs are running under Linux and FreeBSD. They have small memory and processor requirements and provides low-cost and efficient way to connect paging equipment and route messages in paging networks. These programs are free software.
 the rtnppd  TNPP 3.8 packets router. It is able to route TNPP packets between serial ports and via IP-networks (to another rtnppd(s)). To secure your data when sending via Internet, the rtnppd have  the Blowfish encryption with static key (112..448 bits). Current version is 1.7b.
 the rtapd  Page messages router for rtnppd with TAP 1.8 support. It routes pages from/to TAP-devices, TNPP-devices (via rtnppd in 'Page ID block') and is able to pipe pages to external programs (e-mail/fax filters, etc) and files. It has vsnppd daemon (SNPP support). Routing databases can be in SQL-server (mSQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL) or in static file. Current version is 1.7.

To install these programs just download tgz-archives, unpack it and type 'make' and 'make install'. See README files and *.conf samples to setup instructions.

Warning! In all previous versions of rtnppd (up to 1.7a) exists very serious bug which caused blocking sending packets. Upgrade your rtnppd to version 1.7b as fast as possible. If upgrade isn't possible at this moment, you can use workaround - set 'Tidle' timer to different values on all sides (for example, 58 seconds at one host and 62 at other).

If you have any questions about this project, send me e-mail to .

Last updated: 3 Dec 20001 02:48:05 (EST)

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